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Anniversary :)
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Wow. This day could not have been any more perfect. Today was mine and Tommy’s one year anniversary (HOW CRAZY IS THATTT?? AHHH) and his arrived at my house around 9:30 this morning with a bouquet of flowers for meee. He got me my favorite crazy daisies haha. I love them!

Then, since mom wasn’t home, we took advantage of my clean bed and our much needed privacy before we headed out for the day.

So when we were laying in bed I asked him what we were doing today. I had a suspicion that he might take me back to EP Tom Sawyer Park where we went a year ago today and ended up getting lost hiking for four hours haha so I didn’t wanna ruin it by guessing there so I literally guessed the first thing that came to my head so I guessed the zoo and tommy got super silent and then I realized I had actually guessed right. OOPS. :) He wasn’t too upset though and I was super excited. So we went to the zoo but he likes to go around the opposite way I like. I like to hit the giraffes first and go that way but he likes to hit all the inside stuff on the other side of the zoo first. But whatevs. It all worked out in the end.

So at the zoo we got some reeeeeally great pictures. Like they all look professionally done. So when we made it over to the brown bear exhibit, the two bears were like wrestling and fighting/playing. It was awesome. I got so many pictures of them. They went on playing with eachother and playing with a ball for about 20 minutes and all the people watching kept running back and forth from the different areas you could watch the bears as they ran around their enclosure but then after awhile tommy ran out of room on his camera so I sat down on the little windowsill in one of the glass rooms you could look at the bears through but they were far away. The room emptied out cause everyone ran the the other place you could see the bear. So I was just sittin up next to the glass waiting for tommy to finish deleted some old pics on his memory card when out of no where, one of the bears slammed up against the window as it tried to attack me O_____O;;. Tommy saw it coming out of the corner of my eye but once it hit the glass I just saw it coming down from its pounce and then run away. Oh my god it was scary. The glass shook and the bear hitting the glass was so damn loud. My heart didn’t stop racing for nearly 10 minutes.

Once we made our way out of there we were trying to hit all of the animals and make it to the giraffes for their feeding at 2:30. Sure enough we got over there and waited at the front of the line. You had to pay $1 to feed the giraffes but thats like MY DREAM so Tommy gave me his last dollar to go towards that. But once the feeder worker people came over they told everyone to make a line behind me and around the fence then explained that they would call the giraffes over to eat but if they didn’t wanna eat then there was nothing they could do about it. So I took that as a “We’re gonna take you’re money and if the giraffes don’t come over then you’re out of luck” kinda thing so I stepped out of line and decided I would wait to see if the giraffes would come over before I handed over the money (Tommy and I wanted to use that dollar to get the pressed pennies in the gift shop so I didn’t wanna waste it) But it turns out that they call the stinkin’ giraffes over before they take youre money so I coulda been first. Well once I saw this happening, I got back in line and was like the 15th person so I was sooooooo scared that the one giraffe (named Crosby) that came over would be full before I got the chance to feed him. I was talking to the lady in front of us with two kids and told her about how I love giraffes and I stupidly got out of line and blah blah blah. So when we got up to the front, that lady paid $3 so each of her kids and herself could feed the giraffe, only… she didn’t feed it. After her two kids went she steered the out and away over to the lions. I had noticed she didn’t feed it but I didn’t think it was a big deal. Then I got to feed Crosby and Tommy took pictures and it was so amazing and made me so happy. Then right when he had a few nibbles left worth of food… he walked away. MOTHAFUCKIN GIRAFFE GOT FULL!! I KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN. BUT I was sooooo sooo glad that didn’t happen before I got to feed him cause if that woman wouldve actually fed him, chances are he woulda walked away on her not me. god that was awesome. The whole experience was just the best ever. Those were just the highlights. hehe.

So after the zoo (which took 6 hours. YES. SIX HOURS) we went to Chedders for dinner around 4 cause we had skipped lunch and it was sooooo yummy. The waiter ended up forgetting to charge us for something so we saved money. MORE FUN! haha. then we went to EP Tom Sawyer for only about 45 minutes walking around (we’re going on a real hike on Wednesday) theeeeen we went to Pet Smart and I fell in love with this winter white dwarf hammie on sale for $11. Took all I had not to buy her but since Pinky just died, I just kinda wanna break from hammies and pets all together. I’ve had so many pets the past two years. Quick list: Callie the Calico, Prince Esteban the betta, Joe the red platy, Jackjack the toad, Pierre & Pebbles the fiddler crabs, Pinky & Squeaky the dwarf hammies. Callie is the only one still alive x___x gosh. Anyhoo, that was really fun. The whole day was just magnificent. I couldn’t of asked for a better day with any other man.

YAWWN. Time for bedddd.

I love my Tommy <3

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So I am finally back home for the summer. Tommy and I moved out of his apartment on Tuesday. My last day volunteering at the Archaeology lab and Cabbage Patch was on Monday. Sad day. But I’ll be back there once school starts up again.

So after Tommy and I left the apartment for the last time, he brought me home and then went to his house and dropped off the rest of his stuff. He came back around 8 to pick me up for our date :) We went to Stoneybrook to see The Dark Knight Rises and oh my goddddd was it great. Best movie I’ve seen in a long damn time. (though I was quite fond of 21 jump street and magic mike this summer hehe) so yeeeah. It was nice to go on a date date with him again. There is something about him coming to my house to pick me up that makes me all anxious and gitty like I got last summer when he first started taking me out. hehe.

ahhh. So even though that area of my life is still super wonderful, recent events haven’t been so upbeat.

First off, my dad stopped by my house a couple fridays ago after not showing his face for years. I was happy I wasnt here but so confused as to why he stopped by. I didn’t even know he was fucking in the city, let alone the state. Anyway, I figured he came over and started fighting with my mom about childsupport but that wasnt the case. He just came over to.. talk. o___o. All mom could tell me after he left was that he seemed sad, was super skinny, his skin was so dark you almost couldn’t see his tattoos, and that he played with my hamster then mentioned he had a hammie as a kid and named it Charlie.

So without much of a transition, I will talk about my hammie now. So Pinky really isn’t doing well. I noticed last weekend her eye looked kinda weird, but i didn’t read too much int it. But then on Tuesday when we moved back I noticed she didn’t look very well. It seemed like she had a bad cold cause she was sniffling and her eyes were goopy and her nose was running. Tommy took me to the vet with her then we found out they were closed, so after mom got home from work I talked to her about it and we decided to go to the vet yesterday and get her checked out. Well, Wednesday morning she was looking kinda worse. She wasn’t keeping herself groomed and her nails looked filthy and her fur too so we took her into the vet and he didnt seem to think she had a cold, but was dehydrated instead which makes sense since she hadnt been drinking and only hardly eating so he pumped her full of electrolytes and gave me a solution to syringe into her mouth every 15 minutes last night which I did but her conditioned only worsened. And even now, she hasn’t shown any improvement from last night. She can’t stand up, can’t even hold herself up. She stopped taking anything from the syringe. Now, she pretty much just lays lifeless and barely breathing. It is really hard to watch her suffer. Squeaky definately didn’t take this long to die. Now, yesterday I was really torn up about Pinky but I’ve cried so much that now I’ve accepted her fate and know that she is ready to go. It really surprised everyone that she made it through last night but she’s a trooper I suppose.

So that is what has been going down lately. Tomorrow Tommy is coming over to have dinner with me and my mom. He genuinely loves my mom’s meatloaf. o__o ugh. then on Saturday, tommy and I are having dinner with his grandpa and step grandma whom really want to meet me then Sunday I want to spend the day with Gian since he will finally be back from his internship at Princeton Saturday.

Gosh, I seem to busy. The weekend is full then Monday is a very special day. It will be mine and Tommy’s one year anniversary :) I really can’t believe it has been a year! that seems like such a large time frame but such a short time over all. If that makes any sense. haha. Anyhoo, I am really looking forward to Monday though I have no idea what we plan on doing that day. Hopefully Tommy comes up with something really special :) Too bad he will be leaving for Georgia on the 11th. That kinda ruins things. But we’ll make it! I have faith in us <3

Back from Georgia
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Friday morning at 2AM Tommy, his parents and I all left for an 8 hour drive to Athens, Georgia. I slept most of the way and woke up when we were somewhere in North Carolina. Once we got there it was about 10:30am and we checked into our hotel called Hotel Indigo. It is apparently a “green” hotel but it just looked super modern to us.

Oh! awkward moment. Tommy’s mom looked at me and asked how the sleeping arrangements should be. If I should sleep with her or with Tommy. *face palm* I was so taken off guard I just shrugged and said it didn’t matter then she asked if Tommy and I had ever slept in the same bed together …”like… over night” *face palm again* Fortunately, his dad interrupted and was like “PATTY! What do you thing!?? Leave them alone” haha. ohhhh thank god for his dad. I mean, forreals. Tommy and I have been together for almost a year. Of course, that’s already happened.


So, we checked in and dropped our stuff down and then got back into the car and headed out to find our way around the small, but super cute town. [Note: I seriously think I might be in love with Athens, Georgia. Downtown Athens is nothing but cute shops and restaurants. No sky scrapers! No homeless people begging on the street! No sketchy people eyeing you like there are in downtown Louisville.] First, we found where Tommy will be working. There was alot of security, so we couldnt just drive back there. Then we started looking for apartments he might be able to live in. After checking out two of them (both of which were over priced, and unfurnished) we found the Riverclub Townhouses and Apartments. This place is affiliated with the University of Georgia (which takes up like 2/3 of the entire town) so they are geared more towards students. And let me tell you, these townhouses are NIIIIIIIIICE. like DAYUMMMM. The model townhouse was a 3 bedroom, each bedroom has its own bathroom and its two stories. The complex has multiple ammenities like what I’ll be getting at the Bellamy but its only $395/ month for him. Dude. I’m paying $514/month for a 4 bedroom apartment. PFFT. I want two floors and a bigger room! Anyhoo, its basically perfect and they have a 6 month lease option which fits him perfectly since he needs to be there from August to December :) I’m so happy for him. So after we found that place we signed the lease at like 5pm and went back to the hotel to nap and wake up just in time to go out for dinner. Then we drove around a bit to get our sense of direction in that little town and I pretty much have it memorized now!  

That hotel was pretty damn nice too. Tommy and I ended up with a room to ourselves although it had two full sized beds in it, all of us couldve easily fit in one room but whatever. It was nice because I’ve always wanted to spend the night in a nice hotel with Tommy. haha ever since Madeline told me about her and Evan’s wonderful night in a hotel. and it was, really wonderful. ;)

So we were supposed to wake up the next morning at our own pace and go for a walk downtown and maybe through the UGA campus but Tommys mom (who sleeps in till noon everyday) was up at 8am calling us telling us to wake up so we can leave o____O. how is that getting up at our own pace? shit, we didnt go to bed until like midnight. and both his parents woke up at like 4-5am. WTF.

Anyhoo, I was awake for the whole drive back and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. 8 hours in a car felt more productive and seemed to go by faster than 8 hours sitting on my ass watching TV or something. Go figure.

So all in all, I am very happy with Tommy’s new home and I hope he is comfortable down there. :D

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So beautiful :)

So beautiful :)

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I love the little wiggle kitties do before they pounce! :)

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Date Night :)
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Tommy surprised me with a nice dinner tonight! We went to Olive Garden and got to sit it the same exact seats we sat in when he took me there for my birthday. I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve had the deliciousness of Olive Garden! haha. But man, was it yummy.

We didn’t get to do anything for our 10 months a couple weeks ago because he had two tests and a paper due the next day then all last week I was at Cabbage Patch and so exhausted.

But we still got to celebrate and it was awesome!

P.S. We’ve been going to the pool a lot lately! I love being in the water! (even though I do faillll at swimming) It feels soo niceee :)

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DIY Embellished Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet Tutorial. This is one of my favorite wrap bracelets that I’ve seen because it’s clever an easy to make. The bracelet looks like three chains somehow sewed together - but it’s not. Really easy tutorial from Trinkets in Bloom here.


DIY Embellished Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet Tutorial. This is one of my favorite wrap bracelets that I’ve seen because it’s clever an easy to make. The bracelet looks like three chains somehow sewed together - but it’s not. Really easy tutorial from Trinkets in Bloom here.

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So this past week working the science camp for the kids at Cabbage Patch has been so wonderful. I had intended to write about what we did everyday after I got home, but lets face it… 8 hours with kids all day wore me out. I came home and napped nearly every day. So here is in short what went down:

Monday- talked about healthy habits in both eating and life in general, then went to JAC (Jeffersonville aquatic center) then played some games

Tuesday- I got to do an hour presentation on natural disasters and the kids love love loved it! :) teheee. then we went to the science center and waterfront park afterwards

Wednesday- We went to Bernheim Forest and walked in the creek there and caught crayfish. I found a little Jackjack! (my old pet, American toad) he was so cute. I tried to get him alone so the kids wouldnt scare him off. Oh and a snake chased us!! haha. it was just some rat snake though. Once we got back to the patch, we started doing research on the science fair experiments the kids will be doing either by themselves or with a partner to be presented on Friday at a mini science fair.

Thursday- We cleaned up Central Park. My group cleaned off the side walk while the other group pulled weeds and such. Two new campers came today (whose names I’m not actually supposed to mention due to some confidentiality thing) but they were brother and sister and I pretty much fell in love with them. I wish I could’ve hung out with them the entire week. Anyhoo. The older boy is going to 6th grade at Noe Elementary with Tommy’s sister in the Fall :) I hope they can be friends. Anyhoo, we worked more on the science fair experiments today. I was mainly helping this one 5th grader but since the new kids came today, the older boy joined our group too.

Friday- My group’s project was on ice cream and the reactions involved and such. So we tried to make icecream by putting milk, sugar and vanilla in a quart sized bag and placing that bag in a gallon bag filled with ice. Now, when i did this in 2nd grade it worked just fine, but me and these two boys shook those stupid bags for what seemed like hours and the milk mixture never solidified. So we finally gave up and popped those bad boys into the freezer to wait for them to harden. So anyhoo, on our science fair board we had two graphs that plotted mixture consistancy versus time and even though the experiment didn’t work the boys still told the judges and everyone listening about how even though their experiment didn’t work, they at least learned how to make a milkshake. haha. They were so adorable. It was a good thing too that they were “looking on the bright side” because that is what won them FIRST PLACE, BITCHESSSSSS!! hahahha. Even though it was THEIR project, I still felt some pride in helping them win. teehee. It was sad saying bye to them though :(

So yeah, that was my week off of the Archaeology Lab. I start back tomorrow morning. 10am.

OH! but the official public release/presentation of my research with the lab was on friday night. We went to St. Martin of Tours church where my professor and Father Klotter presented our findings and background research of the two martyred Saint’s remains that have been on display at the church since 1902. It feels good now that the results have been released and I can talk about it freely now!

Beautifully random rants of nothingness. leanlikeacholaaa


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